Becky Matheson-Bruce. Becky is a Digital Marketing and Strategy Director at York's

Our expert this week is Becky Matheson-Bruce. Becky is a Digital Marketing and Strategy Director at York's and was one of the first ever Google trainers in Leeds. She is an expert in delivering traffic and leads to her clients' websites or social platforms via SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click advertising) and paid social. 


In the webinar, Becky will provide practical steps on :-


How the search engines work


How to profile your audience 


Using data to inform your marketing


Google Keyword planner


Google Trends


This is the perfect time to get your website performing as it should and making use of the Google tools to boost your presence on search engines. 

Beyond the logo

We are so excited to bring you @laikinstudio webinar "Beyond the logo: How to use colour and type to define your brand’s visual style." If you’re diy-ing your brand identity, or spending some time expanding your current style out, this is the webinar for you! Beyond the logo is all about embracing the huge impact that colour and type have on your brand’s personality. From a Google Doc to a business card, you want to make sure you’re authentically and beautifully communicating who your brand is. With so many typefaces and colours out there in the world, it can be an overwhelming process, but we’re going to distill that down. We’ll be giving you the need-to-know information to get out there and confidently use colour and type.


How to get Press coverage for your business

Ever wondered how other brands get featured in magazines or have a placement spot on a well-known website? Well, that's because they will have a killer press release and PR strategy!




Well the answer is simple, The main purpose of a Press Release is to promote, very clearly, something specific, from your Business. Beyond that, it is a document that follows a certain format to notify the media about a product, service or event in the hope that they will spread the word to their wider audiences. If you're wanting to delve in to getting Press Coverage and how to do it right for your Business, this masterclass is for you!

How to use pinterest for your busines.


In this webinar, Paula of @thesocialrenegade will be teaching us how to use Pinterest for your business. Pinterest is a website traffic goldmine, for many businesses Pinterests is the search engine their customers go to ahead of Google (think about where you look for wedding flower inspo or craft/DIY ideas - Pinterest)!! With the help of Paula and a 30 minute a week strategy, you could be driving customers easily and quickly to your brand. In this webinar Paula will be:- Explaining how to set up a solid foundation from the start. Teaching you how to create Boards the right way Deciding what sort of Pin to create for your brand Spilling all the juicy bits on how anyone, anywhere can promote and profit using Pinterest.


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